Episode 40 – The Slave Ship Coma (with Pamela Brown)

This week our guest Pamela “Pooey” Brown, for the first time in public, tells her story about how a routine medical procedure became a nightmare three-month coma which featured a slave ship, the Predator alien and a sadistic nurse. We also learn about Jeff’s limits in care taking for a loved one and how Pamela got her shitty nickname.

2 thoughts on “Episode 40 – The Slave Ship Coma (with Pamela Brown)”

  1. Wow, this was crazy to hear. I NEEEED to know what hospital in Boston she was in so I never go there…Was is the old Boston City Hospital? I wouldn’t be surprised! All in all good episode, as mostly all of them are.

    1. Thank you, Danielle for the comment! We never found out the actual hospital unfortunately. The truth is medical malpractice is rare but not necessarily uncommon, so it could happen anywhere. Really appreciate the feedback and your continued support! Please share with your friends and keep letting us know how we’re doing!

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